Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Today, I compared abortion to a couch


If you're on this entry, you're probably here via The Antifeminist.  Please don't just leave.  Take the time to read some of my entries, and evaluate them.  I'm not some insane person who hates men.  The post you were directed to has, obviously, a rather flippant title, but it's actually a post about talking about major life decisions with your partner.  It's here, if you still want to read it, and it hasn't been altered in any way, despite the claims of The Antifeminist.  But please, while you're here, read some other posts.  Feel free to leave comments, though please adhere to my comment policy.  Feel free to email me, too, at and I'll get back to you.


Colleen said...

I agree. Back when I was single I had no intention of ever discussing that decision with the guy in question. And, luckily - and because I had adequate access to contraceptives and condoms - it never came up.

The biological relationship thing is lost on me. I am 1000 times the mother to my (non-biological) daughter than her biob*&^% has ever been, and we all know it. I wish SHE could've given away all her rights way back then.

Anonymous said...

Amanda, in your previous post you made reference to "the sandwich joke." What is the sandwich joke? I have never heard of it.

Amanda said...

Anonymous-- the sandwich joke is pretty simple-- it's just a guy saying something like "go make me a sammich". It seems like it's used in arguments to remind women that as women, their role is to serve men, not argue. Most guys I know who've used it will argue that it's just a joke to shut down debate and doesn't really mean anything sexist-- and I'm willing to give them that for a little bit at least-- but it adds up over time. Having every debate, political, philosophical, moral end with a guy saying "that's nice, now go make me a sammich" is incredibly frustrating and annoying.

I've seen it on internet communities too, though there it seems to be a response to figuring out that a poster is a woman.

MipMip said...

«And shockingly, no one was offended. I think. I hope.»
This show how far the western civilisation is morally bankrupted and a culture of death.

James A. Donald said...

I favor the system employed in the early Roman Repubic, where the paterfamilias could "abort" any dependent of any age, including his wife.