Monday, November 22, 2010

Guess what I'm not going to be buying? Truvia!

JD and I are watching TV.  And we just saw a commercial. That I thought was going to be for some delicious jello type snack.  But!  No.  It was a commercial for Truvia*, which is apparently an artificial sweetener.  But all I really got from the commercial is that if you're using real sugar in your recipes, you should hate food and your body and eating!

Well, yay.  Because it isn't like women  aren't already hung up on food, and eating, and healthy ingredients.  So now, we need things to convince us that sugar, in and of itself, is going to make us fat-- not even a focus on health here, it's one that's completely on appearance.  You know what?  I'm going to stick with cooking with sugar, and eating a healthy, balanced diet, and continue to not buy products which are targeted at making money off of women's insecurities, especially when the product is not even necessarily related to those issues.  Because you know what, Truvia?  Sugar isn't making "my butt fat" or driving me insane, or ripping away my self control.  I've... got a pretty good handle on those things, actually, even with using sugar in recipes!  So, truvia, you and your add campaign designed to make women doubt themselves and stop eating real food?  You are something I will not be purchasing, and that I will encourage my friends not to purchase.  Granted, I don't purchase artificial sweeteners anyway, but I have friends and family that do, and I'll be doing my best to encourage them to patronize other companies.

I'm just-- furious that an add like that would be accepted for TV.

* Transcript of the commercial: I loved you sweetness, but you're not sweet, you made my butt fat.  You drove me insane, self-control down the drain. We're over I'm so done with that.  I found a new love, a natural true love that comes from a little green leaf.  Zero calorie guilt free no artificiality, my skinny jeans zipped in relief it's name is truvia i had no idea no more sprinkling my coffee with grief.  Truvia: Honestly Sweet.


Xamuel said...

They've managed to put tap water in a plastic bottle and jack the price up 10,000%. Not surprised they're moving on to other products now.

Anonymous said...

Your innocence is ruined.

Good thing you don't know about all the other bad things corporations do.

Samantha C. said...

Ugh, I absolutely hate this commercial. I'm making a post about it on my own blog later this week, and if you don't mind I'm really grateful to find a transcript that I don't have to listen to the damn thing enough times to write out myself. I'll send a link your way!

Anonymous said...

I think it's a really funny, catchy commercial for a very good product. It is not an artificial sweetener, it's totaly natural. Really. I work at a health food store and we can't keep it and other stevia sweeteners on the shelf for a reason. I think perhaps you're a bit bitter. Maybe you should try some and see if you don't lighten up a bit.

Amanda said...

Hi lilly,

I'm not sure how you got that I'm bitter from this post-- disliking bad commercials that encourage women to hate develop unhealthy relationships with food. I'm not planning to try it, either-- especially since the majority of people I know who have tried it report that it tastes awful. All your sales show is that people are buying it-- it doesn't show their motivation, or their enjoyment.

Anonymous said...

Truvia is great! You need to stop being a whiner, Amanda. I'm guessing your bitterness stems from you being overweight. Maybe you should put down the sugar and try Truvia so you can drop a few pounds. Also, the fact that you posted a this, complaining about a friggin commercial, shows that you need to cut down on your TV time. Who cares what the commercial says? GET OVER IT

Amanda said...

Hi Anonymous,

First, I'm not sure why you think that my post is whining... and how you think you're not a hypocrite, since you're comment is more "whining" than my post is.

While I haven't tried Truvia (I'm not about to spend money on something that advertises in an offensive manner), I have heard that it tastes awful from friends who've tried it. But you seem to like it. Whatever, it's not for me. I'll stick to real sugar in my baking.

Also, I'm not actually overweight (I've also been told I'm not to lose weight, since my wedding is coming up and the dress wouldn't fit if I did lose weight), and even if I was, that wouldn't make my complaints about their marketing any less valid. By trying to use weight as an insult, you're falling into the patterns that I was criticizing, of equating weight with worth. If people are healthy, then their weight has no importance at all-- and even if they aren't healthy, it should have no importance to anyone who isn't them. Yet you're attacking the idea of weight, rather than the idea of unhealthy behaviors, which can be present in someone who is overweight, someone who is underweight, or someone who doesn't fall in either category. The unhealthy habits I practice relate more to my drinking than they do to my eating, and since I'm not that into sweets, I certainly don't have a sugar problem.

Also, given that I only regularly watch one half hour program a week (22 minutes if you fast forward the commercials, which we sometimes do) I'm not really willing to cut down on my TV time. But I do catch more commercials, since my fiance watches a different tv show and sports games, and I'm often in the room reading. But I'm certainly not going to give up How I Met Your Mother for some coward on the internet who won't even use a pseudonym. But analyzing commercials and tv shows does have some importance, since pop culture and tv both reflect and create the way society behaves and its social mores.

Gardener said...

This seems like an awful lot of debate in the comments about such a topic. Yes, it is important that our society of so heavily permeated with beauty ideals that we cannot even watch television without being reminded, but still. Face the cause, not the silly little effect of it. The magazine sitting on my kitchen table is far more offensive to me than the bottle of Truvia I picked up on sale before ever seeing the admittedly questionable commercial.

Besides, I love stevia. Yum.

Anonymous said...

Fake dessert! I emailed Truvia for the recipe and this is the resoponse
Thank you for your email. We regret to let you know that the only recipes
that we have are on our website. What you see on our commercials, is that of
our Advertising Agency hiring a 3rd party to make the delicious desserts in
our commercials; therefore, we do not have the recipe. Please continue to
visit our website as we update the recipes to suit the holidays as well.

Thank you
TruviaR Customer Service