Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Creepy Waiters

JD and I go out to dinner a lot because we are Busy Young Professionals with No Kids and, at the end of the day, no energy to do things like grocery shop or clean the kitchen either.  Tonight we went out and had the weirdest waiter I've ever encountered-- a guy that, at a family-friendly, not upscale in appearance but upper middle scale in price restaurant, semi sexually harassed us and made some jokes that rely on the existence of rape culture and coercive sex attitudes for their impact.

Basically, I decided I wanted a drink with dinner.  I was looking at the menus, he recommended one, I said sounds good bc of the coconut, and he said "And it has a TON of booze, which I know you'll like" winking at JD.  Through the course of the meal he made a couple more jokes about how if I order a second, JD can have me good and drunk, and some other comments about how much attention I was or wasn't paying JD.

We were both a little weirded out and annoyed by it.  Plus, I'm currently tipsy off of one of those drinks.  So while I know that there is a lot more to write out to explain why that sort of interaction from a stranger was inappropriate, I'm just not gonna tonight.  Let your thoughts, and your google, be your guide.