Monday, May 10, 2010

Skirt Challenge!

So.  There you go.  Six more days of me wearing skirts.  I did it!  I wore skirts or dresses for a total of seven days straight!  I couldn't manage to gt blogger to put them in the proper order, but you can get an idea of the shifts in weather by the shifts in clothing-- from stifling heat the day I wore the mini skirt, to fifty degree weather the days I wore the sweaters.  I do like wearing skirts and dresses.  I used to wear them more often than pants, but jeans are more durable, and I somehow have just ended up with less skirts, and less shirts that go with my skirts.  Wearing skirts doesn't really impact my day to day life-- I spend most of my time sitting down, studying.  It does make me automatically feel more "put together", though I do think that some outfits with jeans are more flattering than some of my outfits with skirts.  It also sort of helps trick me into studying more when I'm in the more "professional" looking clothing.  Skirts definately aren't appropriate for everything though-- hiking or the gym?  I'd get all tangled up, and be uncomfortable.  But for everyday life, well... I'm going to make a conscious effort to wear them more often.  I might wait until it gets warmer again though, because right now?  it is COLD and I hate stockings.  They just aren't comfortable, and comfort is a high priority to me during exams.

Amusingly, the days it was warm it seemed like nearly everyone else was wearing skirts too.  But it's been a ridiculously cold spring.  I'm also likely to keep taking pictures of my outfits, and posting them at my flickr account.  So.... outfits behind the jump!

The changes in weather, again, are visible from the changes in outfits.  Day 3, the orange dress, I look like a ghost because it was ONE OF THE MOST STRESSFUL DAYS EVER and day 4, I really was dressed cute during the day, but shed the fitted jean jacket for a comfy sweatshirt.  I am also playing final fantasy in the pic, because I am clearly awesome.  The beverages depicted are Teavana's Sour Cherry Seranade, a chocolate-coconut tea from The Republic of Tea, and some gross free lipton from the school caf, because we get free tea and coffee during finals!


Hestia said...

It does make me automatically feel more "put together", though I do think that some outfits with jeans are more flattering than some of my outfits with skirts.
Skirts really do, dresses even more. Since my life is often so crazy, I've built a wardrobe on the best quality, super flattering for my figure basics I could find and afford. This has resulted in many, many dresses, dress suits, and skirts. I just open my closet and am good to go no matter what the occasion.

Leigh said...

I, too, have been trying to wear more dresses and skirts, although my rationale is that I keep buying them, and if I wear them, then it's okay to buy more. I have to say that I agree--I feel far more put together and dressed in a skirt than in jeans, and I have noticed that people treat me much, much differently when I'm wearing a skirt.

MipMip said...

And someones can explain me in what this is a 'Challenge' in this kind of futility? My diagnossis: You need a life! And It's FREE!

Have a nice day!

Amanda said...


It's called a "challenge" because that's what the website that came up with it called it.

Your concerns for my social life are touching, but it's already full and enjoyable, thanks.