Sunday, January 9, 2011

What I think about guns

Since I just wrote a post about someone shooting someone, I thought I would clarify my views on guns.

I do not like guns.  I do not dislike guns.  I think hunting is the most ethically responsible way to obtain meat, since you have to actually face the animal, take it’s life, and put effort into killing, skinning, and preparing it.  I think it puts you a touch closer to nature.

I have shot a gun once—well, several times, but one occasion.  When JD and I move, I will likely shoot a gun a whole lot more, because I’ve told him that my one rule for having a gun in the house is that I know how to use it.

I think people who treat guns like toys are reprehensible.  I think you should be able to shoot to kill in self defense or defense of others.

I do not think that learning to shoot, or owning a gun, or getting a concealed carry permit are feminist acts, or non-feminist acts, or anti-feminist acts.

I don’t know enough about gun control to have a strong opinion on how it works in this country.

I think bringing a gun along when you go hiking in deep wilderness is a good idea, and a second reason I will learn how to shoot.  I think that if you have guns in the house, you should teach your children that they are not toys, are to be respected—and that they should be locked up, and the kids should not know where the key is.


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stegersaurus said...

We didn't have (all) the guns locked up when I was a kid, but I cannot remember the first time I was told to never ever I am not even the least bit joking touch a damn gun -- it was something I heard constantly, from day one, and it never even occurred to me to try, because I had had it drilled into me that it would end in tragedy -- either I'd shoot someone or I'd get caught or both.

Amanda said...

You (and JD) both have more trust in kids than I do. I think it's because I was such a dumb kid, and also a depressed kid, and I'm terrified that my kids will take after me in that regard, or that their depression will be even worse and they'll end up shooting themselves. and also, at least a little bit, because I didn't grow up with guns, and am still not comfortable with them even as an adult.