Thursday, April 14, 2011

The first of our wedding pictures!

I think they just look amazing.  I can't wait for the rest!  Our photographer was also super friendly and fun to work with.

Go check them out:


Mandy!XD said...

Super cute! Congrats!!!!

NaNi said...

You both look great as a couple.

Love Letters

Sex, Lies and Attempts at Truth said...

Gorgeous! I love the venue and your dress! What classy pictures.

Anonymous said...

Geez, you must be a tall girl.

Also, the photographer captured hubby's bald spot rather embarrassingly in the banner photo.

Oh, Amanda...

I just hope you never regret what you've missed. I would have ruined a girl like you - made her a lover instead of a wife - so it's all for the best.

All my old lovers are wives now anyway. C'est la vie.

Amanda said...

Thank you to all who congratulated us :-) Being married rocks :-)

To the anonymous commenter:
Yes, I am tall. I'm taller than about half the guys I know. Whoever the couple in the banner photo is, I'm sure that they loved their pictures too. Bannerdude's bald spot would have been visible to all the guests during the vows, as well. I like Bannerwife's dress-- very different than mine, but also fun.

I don't think I've "missed" anything.