Monday, December 31, 2012

My Resolutions for 2013

I might be being overambitious.  We'll see.

1.  Get back in touch with the people I love.  Facebook is not enough, and I am terrible at being a friend.

2.  Read all of Les Miz, including the Battle of Waterloo.

3.  Focus my reading on books I already own, instead of constantly getting things out from the library.

4.  Plan my work outfits over the weekend!

5.  Put laundry away as soon as its dry.

6.  Keep a neat and organized closet.

7.  Plan menus over the weekend.

8.  Be conscious of my spending.

9.  Write daily.  Whether it's journaling or blogging, just write.  I spend most of my day talking to people and doing paperwork, so when I get home, writing is among the last things I want to do.

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