Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Job Satisfaction

Today has been one of those days when, overall, I feel a lot of job satisfaction.  The weird part is that I haven't really done much today-- but just thinking about the fact that I got some people out of jail today, I got to watch some Drug Court graduation speeches this week, and I argued motions and did a not too terrible job on them, for a case that was dismissed shortly after our motions arguments (though not as a result of motions arguments-- rather as a result of something that didn't happen during them, in a different place).  I have good coworkers who I both like and respect, and I'm busy, but not so busy that it leaves me empty when I get home.  After lunch, I have Drug Court again, where I should get to see some more speeches, and plea in a new participant-- keeping her out of prison and helping her to learn how to handle her addiction instead.  I know defense attorneys are among the most reviled people in the US, but I think we all do a lot of good.


Cari Wallenberg said...

Im really glad you like your job. I wish I could be so lucky, but im taking steps to someday have job satisfaction :)

Anonymous said...

Considering the very high incarceration rate in the US and the tangible lack of benefits from sending so many young men (and women to a much lesser extent) to crime school, you certainly are badly needed.