Sunday, March 4, 2012


I try not to watch too much TV. Most of it sucks, but I get sucked into some things. I loved Battlestar Galactica, and waited anxiously to watch every episode. I was completely into Pushing Daisies, until they announced it was cancelled and I decided that watching ABC was ridiculous.

Now, I'm getting into Dollhouse. I started watching it out of a mingled sense of curiosity and hope-- I've enjoyed the other Whedon works I've seen, so I've been optimistic about it. It was pretty slow and honestly, not great in the beginning, but now its really picking. I love how intensely creepy it is-- how morally ugh the Dollhouse itself is, and how the whole scenario gets more and more complicated as we learn more and more about the backstory. I've heard a lot of fuss about it being both non-feminist feminist-- it can't really be both at the same time, but it can be truly neither. And... I don't think it is either, yet, but it has potential for feminism. I do like the basic premise of the series-- litterally brainwashing people, and the implications it has. It does make you uncomfortable, and while it isn't remotely realistic, its a logical scifi extension of the human trafficking that DOES go on.

I like also that there are a lot of female charecters, and they aren't lame, weak, or ridiculous fantasies-- unless of course, they're programmed that way. And the male dolls are equally likely to be programmed to be fantasies. I love that November does not look like your typical TV hot chick. She isn't a larger girl in the real world by any stretch, but compared to Echo and Sierra, she's noticeably larger. And yet Our former FBI dude is all about her. Also? They like to show him with his shirt off a lot. I'm going to assume that's to show female viewers that yes, they know we exist too. I like that the dolls have bits and pieces of their previous lives coming up in them, and all the mystery surrounding Echo's actions. I like the supporting charecters-- the icy British women who runs this Dollhouse, and the nerdy dude who isn't even trying to justify it all as long as his job is secure.

I don't like that the beginning episodes were basically lets watch the hot chick run around. I don't like that Echo's real-identity charecter was such a brainless, eco-terrorist twit. I don't like that the Dollhouse keeps focusing on the sexual roles of the dolls, though I am assuming that makes up the majority of what is ordered. And I don't like that Eliza Dushku is kind of not the greatest actress.

But overall, its pretty enjoyable-- there's cancellation talk in the air, but I'm hoping it doesn't happen, because its at least interesting, and with a mix of intrigue and humor that means its currently the only show I'm keeping up with.

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