Sunday, March 4, 2012


One of the things I've been wondering about, and sort of almost struggling with, is what exactly I should be writing here. Or more accurately, what I shouldn't be writing about here. There are a lot of topics that I think "Oh, great, I have awesome anecdotes for that!" only to realize about two seconds later that my anecdotes are only partly mine... and are also partly someone else's. While telling even unpleasant truths about people is perfectly legal, I don't really think that even telling neutral truths is always perfectly moral.

I want to be honest and open in my reactions and experiences, but to be completely honest about my experiences requires me to say things that implicate the privacy of others, be they friends or my past boyfriend. If I can talk about someone completely anonymously, I don't feel as bad-- but while friends from law school can't identify stories about friends from undergrad and vice versa, the most illustrative stories are ones that still usually aren't mine to tell.

I've also been wondering how much is even appropriate to put up about my attitudes-- towards things like religion, relationship, and sex-- because even though this blog is about my attitudes, the context that has formed them sometimes seems necessary.

It's an interesting sea to swim through-- what level of detail about your life would you feel comfortable with in a non-anonymous setting, where you don't know WHO is reading?


K.H. said...

Just want to say, I love your blog. It is rare to find a personal blog that is intriguing; most are poorly written and dull, quite frankly. Yours, however, is interesting, intelligent, raises great points, and has wonderful voice. I'm a subscriber! I might do a, "Sunday Blog Share," featuring you in the next few weeks or so, if it's cool with you?

Amanda said...

Thank you so much, K.H.! I would love to be featured in your Blog Share. :-) I've found your blog to be pretty amazing itself.