Sunday, March 4, 2012


I am so in love that it's almost kind of ridiculous.
And I am so happy, that I'm almost flying.

See, last night, the best thing that has ever happened to me happened.

JD proposed.

Now, you can get grumpy about me saying this is the best thing that happened to me, but I don't give a fuck. You can value jobs, degrees, wealth, and ambition however you want, but while I value those things, I value love more.

I value love in all its forms, and for my own life, romantic love most highly of all.

And now, I get to start planning for our wedding, and our marriage, and our life together, and I'm the happiest I've ever, ever been. I am deeply in love, we are a fantastic match, and I'm just so-- lucky to have found him already.

Love is a wonderful, beautiful thing.
And I love JD with all my heart and soul.

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