Sunday, March 4, 2012

Valentine's Day

I. Love. Valentine's Day.
I Loooooooooove it.
Doesn't matter if I'm single or in a relationship, going out or staying in, surrounded by winter wonderland or early spring. I love Valentine's Day.

Not because of the gooey sappy chocolates and roses bit.

But because I love the idea of a holiday devoted to love!

Think about it, and think about me. I'm extremely predictable in that I think being loving is one of the most important qualities in people, and in that I think we all need to talk about love more-- and not just romantic love, though that is the focus of Valentine's, but all love-- love for our friends, for our parents-- for everyone that really does touch us. So if you had to think of a holiday I would love-- this is one of them.

Also, I'm such an emotional sap when it comes to celebrating romantic love-- especially when I have something I think is worth celebrating (which... well, I'm engaged, so it should be pretty obvious I'm absolutely thrilled with my relationship). But... I don't like the idea that some people seem to have-- that you appreciate your partner only on Valentine's day, and that that appreciation has to come in the form of diamonds, or chocolates, or a steak dinner. Those things can be fun, totally! I love steak and presents! Are there any meat eaters out there who don't love steak and presents? But I hate the idea that they're necessary. I think one of the things we all need to do is invest in our relationships and show love to our partners on a regular basis-- and part of the thing with Valentine's Day is, that when you're thinking about presents and plans, it can also get you thinking about how you interact on a daily basis-- how often you actually show your appreciation, and if you take each other for granted, and if you are really celebrating love in small fun ways.

Forcing you to think about love... how is that a bad thing? I get that some people get bitter about it, because they're single or in a bad relationship-- but it can help them to figure out what they want. And if it's because they're single? Being single is better than being in a bad relationship, and while most single people I know would love a relationship, they aren't necessary to be happy. Granted, I haven't had many Valentine's alone since I started dating-- but I've been heavily introspective about the times I've been single. And I've learned to love myself more through those times. If someone can put their annoyance with the marketing and the couples everywhere behind them, and just invest in love-- of whoever-- wouldn't that be awesome?

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Barbie said...

I was just telling (multiple people) this week that I think the BEST Valentine's day I ever had was when you and I went down to that little wine bar on Cedar, had some appetizers and some martinis/wine, enjoyed the ambiance and the beautiful snow outside, and then walked arm in arm back to... well, i think it was my car, but still. It was wonderful and perfect and had nothing to do with romantic love! No matter what happens in my life, with all the Valentine's days to come, that will always be in my top 3. Always. :-D
<3 Barbie