Sunday, March 4, 2012

Some things I love. A completely non-exhaustive list.

1.  Cheese.  Especially room temp or warmer, delicious, earthy brie.  Also potent blue cheese with fruit.  And sharp goat cheese.  And Chevre, with some herbs, on crackers.  And basically everything.  I love fondue, and quesadillas, and fancy cheeses people eat at parties.  I tend to say my favorite foods are sushi and rare tender steak, but I LOVE cheese, and I probably eat it more often than any other food.

2.  Candles.  Scented candles are like kryptonite to me.  Especially sweet vanilla scents, and cookie scents, and other baking scents.  Also, cherry and other red scents, and fresh lemon.  I don't like florals at all, and I don't the earthy scents very much like "beach" or "night".  My current favorite is a coconut lime candle.  And my favorite source of candles is Yankee Candle-- they don't have as much of an artificial tinge, and last so long.

3.  Shoes.  Super high girly heels, ballet flats, wedges, platforms, buckles.  I love shoes.  I want a freaking rainbow of colors, plus earth tones and blacks and greys and whites.  I especially need more strappy kitten heel sandals for summer.  mmm, shoes!  You need them, and you might as well have them match your outfit!

4.  Books.  I'm actually a huge nerd and I love reading.  My favorite author is Thomas Hardy; I've read all of his novels, even the bad ones.  I don't really like poetry, but novels have been my friends since I was a kid.  I'm branching out now into some creative non fiction, but reading is always my comfort, and I love getting reccomendations.

5.  Dresses/skirts.  I think part of the reason I like cute, feminine clothing is that my height often makes me feel unfeminine.  I'm taller than a lot of my guy friends-- not as much here, but in undergrad, the guys were definately shorter. (maybe its the difference between who goes into law, and who goes into science?).  But I do love feminine things, and I love the aesthetic of cute.  I would dress in the modern take on pinupgirl/housewife combo that's so popular now in some circles if i could.  (, if you don't know what I mean).

6. Being tipsy.  This one embarasses me, but I do like the loss of inhibitions.  I've always been shy, and slightly reserved and awkward, and I jsut love the feeling of losing my inhibitions and saying whatever comes to mind.

7.  The feeling after exercising.  I get all happy and tired and pumped with endorphins.  It makes me feel good. And alive.

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Amanda said...

Room temperature Havarti with dill . . . Mmmmm. I'm now drooling a little.

And pumpkin spice candles . . .

Though not necessarily at the same time . . .

I like trailing periods . . .